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The Voice Reflects the movements of the soul A.Wolfson


I run regular small groups. My aim : To gently coax you into a new relationship with your own voice.

The group is mutually supportive and non-judgemental so that we feel safe enough to explore with each other different ways of giving voice.
Each group usually runs over six weeks and gradually builds on what we have learnt the week before. We use simple body warm up exercises, learn how to breath with our diaphragm, become familiar with simple improvisations, begin to learn to listen to our own and others’ voices, learn some simple songs by ear, but above all, enjoy ourselves making as much noise as we dare



I have recently changed my name from Jane to Janne (its Norweign for Jane and pronounced Yanna like bananna!), and taken on my husband’s last name Tooby. You may be familiar with Jane Cox, same person, different name!

I began singing, just like everyone else, as a baby, before I could talk, and then ... something happened ! I don’t quite know what, I lost my ability to sing, I think I was told so many times to be quiet, shut up etc that I believed I had no voice. This was until my absolute love for harmony eventually led me to work with Gilles Petit. Gilles, who lives in Paris, is a musician, singer, performer, writer, teacher, who, since travelling overland to India in the 60’s and hearing Raga sung in a village square in Afghanistan, has devoted his whole life to developing his own way of being in relationship with the purity of sound.

I have been working on my voice with Gilles for around 13 years in an ongoing closed group. We meet at least twice a year, sometimes 4 times and using the Indian Raga as a tool, Gilles guides us through our bodies back to our authentic voice. Learning another music system has helped me to understand my blocks, my body, my voice and opened up a whole new musical window.
More recently I trained as a natural voice practitioner with Frankie Armstrong, an inspirational woman who started the Natural Voice Practitioners Network (, which has been responsible for the birth of so many Community Choirs. Working with Frankie gave me the courage to allow my voice to be heard and to start these small groups. I love working with my voice and with people.

Apart from my regular work with Gilles, I am a member of the Natural Voice Practitioners Network, and more recently I have worked with The Roy Hart Theatre in France which is based on the work of Alfred Wolfson. Wolfson, a German Jew, served in the trenches in the Prussian war and as a result of the atrocities he experienced developed what we now call post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). He spent his whole life working on his own, and other’s voices, and believed that the voice could cure psychological blockages and physical illness.
I am a trained craniosacral therapist and have just begun a Masters in Core Process Psychotherapy. Finally I am a Founder Director of The Fold at Bransford (


I’m delighted to offer one to one sessions for those who cannot make the group or who would prefer to work in this way.

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