Shiatsu - Traditional and Transformational

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How I would like to help you

Through a course of shiatsu sessions I would like to address your particular problems of pain or trauma, tension, tiredness or stress, or help you with relaxation and sleep, or improvement of mood. Shiatsu offers acceptance and understanding, and focuses on improving vitality and health, and strengthening body, mind and spirit.

Beyond the more immediate relief of pain and discomfort, in the hands of the professional practitioner shiatsu can also be used to ground and support deep life change. It is likely that your suffering or pain is showing you an opportunity for personal transformation to a way of being more content and having a more fulfilling experience of life. I would love to help you move towards that.

Each of us naturally experiences setbacks in our capabilities and health as part of being alive, but the pace and complexity of life in our current world gives rise to extra burdens of work rate and expectation which hurt us. Shiatsu is a practical means of meeting and dealing with these challenges to our sense of wellbeing in a way that is centred on healing through non-intrusive touch and a deep understanding of how body and mind sustain themselves.


About shiatsu

Shiatsu is support for your whole body and mind, applying long-established oriental systems of understanding through physical contact and talking. Bodywork takes place with the receiver fully clothed and usually lying on a futon mat.

I use touch and pressure applied with the hands, thumbs, elbows or feet, careful stretching, and rotation of joints. In transformational shiatsu, the special application taught by the Bristol School of Shiatsu, I combine these core practices with sensitive observation of your presence, awareness of the relationship I experience with you, and openness to intuitive insights flowing from this information. That deep level of engagement implies a response and treatment uniquely appropriate for you.

Shiatsu is a natural healing therapy developed in Japan and used there for centuries to promote health. Its foundation is Traditional Oriental Medicine, which incorporates thousands of years of understanding since the development of acupuncture in China. In its present form shiatsu has been further developed in Japan and the West over the last 100 years.

Transformational shiatsu additionally applies, amongst other ideas, insights from Zen philosophy.


A little about me

My name is Clare Wratten. Since embracing shiatsu I have benefited personally from its potential for transformation, learning a great deal from observing myself and the power of truly being in the presence of another during shiatsu. This special experience arises from intensive training for my Diploma in Shiatsu (DS) at the Bristol School of Shiatsu, continuing engagement there as an advanced student, and from my role there as an assistant. It enhances a firm foundation of theoretical and practical knowledge.

Like every practitioner who fully qualifies from the Bristol School, I naturally want to help others in the practical ways I have learned and potentially open the door to allow them to make their own deeper changes. I am a Member of the Register of the Shiatsu Society (MRSS).

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