Natural Face Lift Massage



Natural Face Lift Massage

The Natural Face Lift Massage (or Facial Rejuvenation) is a combination of Indian Face Massage, healing techniques including acupressure and lymphatic drainage, on the face and neck. This very relaxing treatment is perfectly developed to tackle the stresses and strains of our modern, fast-paced lives, working specifically on the lines and wrinkles that can give you that tired look. Using only the fingers, the Natural Face Lift Massage helps to pull up the skin, relax tense muscles that create and deepen lines on the face and bring back a healthy glow.

Benefits of the Natural Face Lift Massage

While it is recommended that you have a series of 6 treatments to achieve the full effects of the Natural Face Lift, you will notice even after your first massage some of these wonderful benefits:

- Reduced wrinkles and expression lines.
- Vibrant and youthful appearance.
- Your skin becoming softer.
- Your complexion and skin tone improved.
- Bagginess, sagginess and puffiness reduced.
- Elasticity returning to you face

No oils or other products are used in this treatment


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Treatments available at The Fold Natural Therapy Centre in Brandford and in St John's, Worcester.


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