Medical care



Important information regarding Complementary Therapies ..

The treatments offered at the centre are NOT a substitute for medical advice or treatment.

If you have a medical problem, you should see your GP. We never diagnose, recommend treatment or encourage you to go against your GP's advice and we never promise a cure. It isn't our place or wish to do so.

All the treatments offered are safe, non-invasive therapies and will complement professional medical treatment. Before we commence treatment we take a case history and if for any reason we feel that it is unwise for you to have a particular therapy we will say so or ask you to get your doctor's permission.

However, in some cases, if treatment is started at the beginning of the problem, the need to start medication can often be avoided. Sometimes, in the case of a chronic condition, with the doctor's permission and guidance, medication may be reduced as the symptoms lessen and become more manageable. Complementary therapists are keen to find out where the mind-body imbalance originated - as physical problems often start with an emotional imbalance or shock. Therapists then work with the client to heal and help rebalance on all levels.

By choosing Complementary Therapies and working with a therapist you are putting yourself back in control, reducing stress and encouraging your body's own self healing mechanism, which could enhance any other medical treatment you are receiving.

Please inform your GP or specialist that you are receiving Complementary therapies.


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