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Holistic Massage is all about tailoring the perfect treatment for the client at the time of the massage, catering exclusively for what you want and need when you come to see me.


There is no set routine with Holistic Massage, just careful attention to what the individual requires. We look at the causes of your tension and work with the whole You to help restore your natural inner balance.

Fundamentally the approach with Holistic Massage is based around oil-based Swedish massage (Efflerage, Petrissage, Percussion) but you also expect an array of other techniques and moves to come into play to really clear out those corners.

♥ Deep tissue manipulation
♥ Indian Head massage
♥ Stretches
♥ Mobilisations of joints
♥ Breath work
♥ Manual lymphatic drainage
♥ Energy holds
♥ Rocking
♥ Vibrations
♥ Organic oils
♥ Facials and body treatments

With so many different ways of working the body each Holistic Massage is always different. A Symphony of Sensation!

Please Note: Holistic Massage is a totally safe and complementary treatment (it does not replace medical treatment) but there are some physical conditions which could be contra-indicatory to massage. If you are being treated by a GP for anything please let me know in advance.
Balance,restore, invigorate or relax the choice is yours.
I am a professionally trained and registered therapist. I believe that massage along with a balanced diet and regular exercise will help to maintain a healthy life style , bringing balance to the mind and body.
The quality of touch can help to stimulate the restorative state in our bodies and therefore promote natural healing.
I have regular treatments as part of my own healthcare.

I practice in Malvern and the surrounding areas where I have a clinic at The Fold Bransford , and Ledbury
Home visits are by arrangement.

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Price List -

Massage sessions

£25.00 - 30 minutes

£45.00 - 60 minutes

£60.00 - 90 minutes

Chair massage
£15.00 -20 minutes


I have a clinic at The Fold Natural Therapy Centre - midway between Worcester and Malvern.

Natural & Complementary therapies/practitioners for Malvern and Worcester at The Fold Natural Therapy Centre, Bransford. Massage Therapy & Professional Massage training, Reflexology, Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Bowen Technique, Nutritional Therapy, Osteopathy, Iridology, Anthroposophical Medicine, Counselling, Homeopathy, Aromatherapy massage, Energy Healing, Life Coaching, NLP, dietitian, The Chrysalis Effect, UK, Physiotherapy, Tai Chi Easy, Herbal Medicine, Art Therapy.