Professional Massage Training with Sarah

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Professional Massage Diploma Training with Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork at The Fold with Sarah Cohen.  Next course starts 18th February 2017 Entry until 11th March 2017


BCMB offers a dynamic and creative person centred approach to massage. Courses are held here at the Fold and lead to the nationally accredited MTI diploma.  

The year long professional course is held over 11 weekends and comprises 205 hours of contact time. It aims to lay a strong foundation in the principles and practice of holistic massage to a high professional standard and can lead to a rewarding career in massage and bodywork.

By investigating the four principles of awareness, touch, rapport and movement, we can make discoveries about ourselves and develop our massage style. We also aim to have fun!

The course will include:

detailed massage techniques for the whole body
stretches and mobilization
body image and body reading
subtle energy, including the aura and charkas
professionalism and ethics client handling
practice management and business skill
together with

grounding, meditation and self awareness work
students personal development throughout the course
emphasis on student’s own body use, enabling us to develop safe, dynamic and rhythmical expression at the massage table
Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology taught in a practical, hands-on way and always closely related to massage practice
3 sessions of supervised clinical experience
Appointed Person’s course in First Aid
Close supervision and support throughout the course
Maximum group size is 20 with a course tutor and 2 assistants
More details can be found on the BCMB website

And why are we different?

We have a well grounded programme honed and evolved over 20 years
Our course is 205 hours including a residential weekend, the industry standard is 140 and the MTI minimum 160
Our graduates have the confidence to go straight into professional practice on qualifying and very many do
Good body use is the basis of our course. This means you don’t damage your own body leading to pain and early retirement from massage. It also improves the quality of your massage.
Self awareness and personal development - an essential and well supported part of the training
Anatomy, physiology and pathology taught in a thoroughly dynamic fun way and always related to massage practice
High staff:student ratio - a minimum of 1 tutor and 2 assistants to 22 students and often higher
Excellence is our standard
We don’t teach a routine, our massage is person centred, you have a tool box from which you can give an individual massage each time
At the end of the course each graduate has developed their own personal style, all different
The whole teaching team is ridiculously passionate about massage and massage teaching!
Applications are currently being accepted for the next course starting in February 2014

Give me a ring or email if you would like to know more or to receive our prospectus.

Sarah Cohen 01386 861931 More information can be found on the college website –


Introduction to Massage 

28/29 January 2017 with Sarah Cohen 

An innovative 2 day course teaching massage as a creative process, using our bodies without strain and learning effective techniques for those wanting to massage friends or find out more about our approach with a view to our professional training in February 2017. See for more information


CPD workshops for qualified practitioners


Supervision with Sarah Cohen

Sarah also offers group supervision at the Fold monthly on Wednesday mornings and Thursday afternoons

Supervision is a forum to enable practitioners to get their personal and professional needs met in a massage community setting. This may include sharing, celebrating, asking questions, practising techniques and experimenting – all within a safe, supportive and facilitated environment.

Supervision sessions also count towards Continuing Professional Development requirements for the Register of the MTI Professional Association.

Contact Sarah to find out more about supervision

Contact Sarah Cohen for more information: 01386 861931 or see



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