Inner Joy Hypnotherapy Counselling

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We all need a bit of extra support now and then.

Having someone who believes in and encourages you makes the difference between attempting to change and skilful living. ‘Inner Joy’ comes from discovering that you are fully capable of making the changes you desire.

What will Inner Joy Hypnotherapy Counselling help me to do?

Accept yourself. Appreciate yourself. Take care of yourself.
• Enable you to live a more fulfilling life.
• Honour your abilities and experiences.
• Believe in and encourage you to dare to live in a more satisfying way.
• Celebrate your successes and accomplishments.
• Support you to see beyond what is currently real, to what is possible for you.
• Create a safe space for you to explore and grow your capabilities.

What are Emma's skills?

I will encourage you, challenge you, support you and believe in you.
My unique approach is based upon a whole-hearted acceptance of you as an individual. I trust that you know what is best for you, and our work together is designed to facilitate a discovery of who you can really be. My passion lies in encouraging you to reach for what you really want in life and inspiring you to use your strengths and qualities to get there. I will accompany you as you look within to find your own solutions, and I will support you as you take the first steps towards making positive change a reality. My belief is that if you dream of something then you are capable of achieving it. My calm confidence in your ability to succeed is a valuable ally in your personal journey, and you will easily transition from needing support to becoming the architect of your own life.

Come and see what it’s all about:

I am available at The Fold Natural Therapy Centre, Bransford (Wednesdays) and The Apothecary Shop, Ledbury (Thursdays). Come and have a friendly chat with Emma at a drop-in session – call to confirm the times.

You can also find more about me at:

Or just give me a call or email:
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