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What is Medical Herbalism?  Medical Herbalism is the oldest and most widely used form of medicine in the world. Indigenous plants are used to treat local people and their health problems.


As medical herbalists we have a wide view of health that is not just limited to the treatment of disease. We consider the emotional and spiritual well being of the patient as well as the physical. We use plant medicines to support and strengthen the healing processes of the body in order to restore balance and therefore good health. We also give advice on diet and lifestyle so that, once restored, good health can be maintained.

Who is Christine Steward?

I qualified as a medical herbalist in 1987 and am now a Fellow of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists. I have a practice in Malvern, work at the Hereford Breast Cancer Haven and have now joined the team at The Fold Natural Therapy Centre.

Before becoming a herbalist I owned and ran a Wholefood shop, Beanfeast in Worcester, it was here that I became interested in herbal medicine.
I live in Dilwyn, Herefordshire where I am gradually converting what was an acre of thistles into a garden. Here I grow the plants that I use in my medicines, making tinctures, using Malvern spring water, oils, syrups and creams.
In all preparations that I make I use fresh plant materials because, with every process a plant goes through, something of its vitality is lost. So preparations made with fresh plants will contain more energy and will therefore be more beneficial than those that have gone through a series of processes, such as drying.

Christine Steward, FNIMH


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