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Janne Tooby

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I GRADUATED IN 2007 from The Karuna Institute in Devon as a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist and practiced for five years before studying Core Process Psychotherapy also at the Karuna Institute. I have now decided to develop my practice as a Craniosacral Therapist.

I love working alongside individuals who are committed to exploring their own pathway to health. Using very light touch I listen to your body in much the same way as a counsellor might listen to your words. Your body responds to this sensitive touch by beginning to listen to itself. A feeling that you have been heard in the truest sense of the word is a common experience during and after a Craniosacral session.

I also call on my previous knowledge and skills in nursing, midwifery, health promotion and holistic massage to inform my work.

To support my practice I have regular Supervision Sessions and I attend a Peer Support group in addition to fulfilling statutory annual professional development required by my professional body, the CSTA.


Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle way or working with the body fully clothed using light touch. The name sounds like the therapist will only work with your head (Cranium), they will, in fact, work with your whole body and changes may occur in your body, mind or spirit during and after sessions.


Basically anyone from birth until death. Some Craniosacral Therapists work with babies and children. I have chosen to specialise in working with adults as I feel my life and therapeutic experience and skills are better used in this way.

People visit a craniosacral practitioner for any number of reasons. They may have an acute physical problem such as headache or bad back, or they may have a longer-standing chronic problem, physical or emotional. Others choose to have regular treatment as a way of supporting their health in the midst of busy and sometimes challenging lives.

I’m always excited by the diversity of whoever finds me.


In the first instance I will listen with my ears and heart to your story. I will also take notes and ask you specific questions related to your story. I will allow an hour and a half for the first session, thereafter each session will last one hour.

You will remain clothed throughout the session and usually lay on a treatment couch face up, although depending on what your body is telling me, I may ask you to sit or lay in a different position. I will make light contact with your body which may include the head, feet, spine, sacrum or other areas which may need attention.

Craniosacral Therapy supports your body’s own ability to balance, restore and heal itself, as well as helping to reduce stress and build your underlying energy. During a session I will feel or ‘listen with my hands’ for tensions in your body and it is these that will guide us.


This depends on you and what your body is asking for, everyone is an individual and different things happen to different people at different times. Sometimes people report relief or changes, after one or two sessions others, particularly with long-standing complex problems, may choose to work over a longer period. Others still may choose to have regular ‘top up’ treatments to keep them on the right track!


Craniosacral Therapy is not intended as primary healthcare, but will work beautifully alongside the relationship you have with your GP.


All sessions are £45.



Member of the Natural Voice Practitioners’ Network

"The Voice Reflects the movements of the soul" ~ A.Wolfson


I like to work with a small group of 8-10 people who think they can’t sing, my aim is to gently coax you into a new relationship with your own voice, both male and female voices are welcome.

Together we create a mutually supportive and non-judgemental space so that we feel safe enough to explore with each other different ways of giving voice.

We use simple body warm up exercises, learn how to breathe with our diaphragm, become familiar with simple improvisations, begin to learn to listen to our own and others’ voices, learn some simple songs by ear, but above all we have great fun making as much noise as we dare. In my advanced groups we even begin to improvise in Sa Re Ga, the Indian Raga!

Groups usually last for 2 hours and are run in the evenings, however I am always open to negotiation!


I’m delighted to offer individual voice work. These last for 1 hour and we concentrate on your own personal voice needs. We will use body warm up exercises, breath work and improvisations similar to the group but tailored to your own particular needs.  Cost £30 per hour.


My love of Gospel music stems from my evangelical Baptist upbringing! In the autumn of 2015 I held a few sessions which were good fun.  If anyone would like to join a group singing simple gospel songs please contact me.



I began singing, just like everyone else, as a baby, before I could talk, and then .. … something happened! I don’t quite know what, I lost my ability to sing and be joyful through my voice. It may be that I was told so many times to, ‘be quiet’, ‘shut up’, ‘you don’t know what you’re talking about’, etc. that I believed I had no voice.

And that’s how it was, until my absolute love for harmony eventually led me to work with Gilles Petit. Gilles, who lives in Paris, is a musician, singer, performer, writer and great teacher. Much of his early life was as a troubadour playing and singing in Spain and then in the 60’s he travelled overland to India. He has many stories to tell about this trip but one of the most profound was in a village square in Afghanistan, he heard for the first time Indian Raga being sung in its true form. Since then he has devoted his whole life to developing his own way of: being in relationship with the purity of sound; and I have had the absolute privilege to be one of his pupils since 2000.

I work regularly with my ‘raga family’ in a closed group at least twice if not 4 times a year using the Indian Raga as a tool for voice development. Gilles coaxes and guides us through our bodies back to our authentic voice. For me learning another music system has helped me to understand my blocks, my body, my voice and opened up a whole new musical window. Not only has Gilles guided my voice, my voice has guided my body and this is why it fits so well with the Craniosacral work I have developed in tandem to this.

More recently I trained as a Natural Voice Practitioner with Frankie Armstrong, an inspirational woman who started the Natural Voice Practitioners’ Network (, which has been responsible for the birth of so many Community Choirs. Working with Frankie gave me the skills and courage to allow my voice to be heard and to begin working with people who classically say: ‘I love singing but, no, no, no … I can’t sing’.

Well lets just get one thing clear : YES YOU CAN !

I love working with my voice and with people.

Apart from my regular work with Gilles and ongoing Natural Voice Practitoner work I have also worked with The Roy Hart Theatre in France which Is based on the work of Alfred Wolfson. Wolfson, a German Jew, served in the trenches in the Prussian war and as a result of the atrocities he experienced developed what we now call post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). He spent his whole life working on his own and other’s voices, and believed that the voice could cure psychological blockages and physical illness too, such as PTSD, This links perfectly with my Craniosacral Practice.

D A R E  Y O U  S I N G ?

For an informal conversation please call me on 01886 832 846



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