Bowen Technique: Julia Foster


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 The Bowen Technique is a natural, gentle and effective treatment for a wide range of common conditions.


Gentle yet powerful, Bowen is a remedial therapy sought by many, especially for musculo-skeletal issues ie back, neck, shoulder pain or restriction but also systemic conditions such as difficulties with digestion, respiration, sleep etc. It is suitable for all, including during pregnancy and for babies and children. Working holistically, Bowen treats the body as a whole and not with symptoms in isolation. It is this approach that brings positive change quickly for the majority of clients.

There are no jolts to force change- Bowen seeks to bring the body back into alignment gently. Lifestyle, accidents and pregnancy are just a few reasons for the body to fall out of alignment.

Most common presenting conditions : back pain, an uneven /tilted pelvis, neck restriction/pain, ME/Fibromyalgia, difficulties with sleeping, digestive disorders.

To find out more about Bowen Technique and how it may help you, please visit my website-    or contact me directly on 07964 298 337.

I have a Bowen Technique clinic at The Fold Natural Therapy Centre - midway between Worcester and Malvern. Appointments currently available on Tuesday, Wednesday and Fridays.

Julia Foster BSc, ECBS, CNHC, MFHT.



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